Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike

Mention the name ‘Phil Knight’ and most people these days might ask who you are referring to. In the ‘70s, Knight would become a pioneer on a venture that would pivotally change the path of the sporting industry forever. Along with a small band of outcasts, Phil Knight would go on to create Nike and reshape the world of footwear!

‘Shoe Dog’ is a term for someone who lives and breathes shoes. Phil Knight, along with the Nike collective, are an embodiment of that definition. “Shoe Dog” takes you through the early stages in the formation of Nike, detailing the ups and downs on a voyage that forged one of the most iconic brands to ever exist. Today, Nike has become a staple brand in athletic footwear so it’s far too easy to look over the story of a small brand that originated in Oregon by a running enthusiasts and a few of his friends.

From an entrepreneur’s perspective, there are a lot of gems to be digested in this read. If you are in search of inspiration or just a deeper understanding of living within your purpose “Shoe Dog” can help you get there. Phil is very open and honest about his shortcomings along the way.  He reflects on all of his past accomplishments to impart wisdom and inspiration to others who may be dealing with the same struggles of searching for their life’s purpose. At the least, you will feel inspired after reading “Shoe Dog” at best you may go on to create a Nike of your own!

Book: Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike

Author: Phil Knight

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