The Hard Thing About Hard Things


Traveling the path of entrepreneurship is often long, lonely, and lacking detailed direction. When building your own road to entrepreneurial success, the opportunities to learn from seasoned successful entrepreneurs with actual experience always appears to be limited. Don’t let that discourage you. The book The Hard Thing About Hard Things by entrepreneur billionaire tech investor and CEO Ben Horowitz provides the guidance you need to navigate your way to success. Horowitz has case by case scenarios of when and where to make the hard decision. He not only goes through his triumphs in his decision making but also details times when his decision making hindered him or his business. The book is geared towards technology companies but much of the information can be applied to other industries and fields. 

Due to the book’s specific focus on the tech industry, you may have a hard time tailoring his advice to your entrepreneurial pursuits, but the knowledge and experience Horowitz gives to the readers is undeniable. His candor and openness gives the reader the opportunity to dive into the mind and decision-making process of a tech CEO in today’s economy. This wouldn’t be my first recommendation for a business book, but for the entrepreneur looking for guidance and in position to scale, I believe this book would be greatly beneficial. 

Book: The Hard Thing About Hard Things

Author: Ben Horowitz

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