The 5 Dopest Soccer Jerseys & The Collabs That Made Them Relevant

Since everyone is still bummed about the United States Men’s National Team not making the World Cup we figured we could toss a few options at you to score nothing but goals when it comes to soccer gear. While soccer still isn’t crazy popular in the states, it doesn’t mean you should dismiss the opportunity to own some of the freshest pieces under the radar. We’re here to make sure your kit game is correct, no matter what club you’re rockin with. We’ve highlighted our favorite 5 must own official futbol club gear and similar streetwear pieces for you to really stand out. Whether you choose to get wrapped in real team jerseys or a similar selection with a streetwear twist, we threw out a few apparel options for you to get started.


Official Jersey: Juventus F.C. ‘15-‘16 Away Kit

Photo Credit: Instagram


 Similar Steez: Supreme Arabic Soccer Jersey


Photo Credit: Supreme New York

Who would have thought pink had the power to make an outfit pop like a career ending ACL injury. Fortunately for you the only thing you’ll be breaking is necks when you slide though in such a vibrant color scheme. You can pick up the official option or similar Supreme selection. Both have the capability to take your outfit to the next level.


Official Jersey: Real Madrid ‘13-‘14 Home Kit


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 Similar Steez: Team Stussy Soccer Jersey

Photo Credit: Stussy

Available in a clean white colorway, you too can be on top of your game just like Cristiano Ronaldo. There’s nothing stopping you from taking home a W when you arrive to the event wearing white responsibly. There’s just enough color in either option to keep things from being overly bland. Because no one likes a boring fit.


Official Jersey: Juventus ‘16-‘17 Home Kit

 Photo Credit: Goal


 Similar Steez: Palace Soccer Jersey


Photo Credit: Palace Skateboards

Black and white striping done tastefully will prevent you from looking like a full-time footlocker employee. The last thing you need is for the chick whose number you’re trying to secure asking you to go back to get her a size 6. Either option can be pulled off if you’re down to put a little effort in beforehand.


Official Jersey: Vitesse ‘13-‘14 Home Kit


Photo Credit: Zimbio


 Similar Steez: Patta x Nike Soccer Jersey


Photo Credit: Patta NL

Black and yellow is more than just Pittsburgh pride. The color combo can be formidable ammo in your arsenal for a soccer stunt. The yellow yells while the black keeps all that brightness under wraps. There’s no way you’re not going to get noticed when you throw one of these on.

Official Jersey: Montpellier ‘14-‘15 Home Kit


Photo Credit: Tipsbetting


 Similar Steez: Adidas x The Hundreds Soccer Jersey 

Photo Credit: The Hundreds

Who would have guessed that the colors from a French football club could be found in a Hundreds x Adidas collab. The color scheme has the right ratio to make you stand out just enough without overdoing it. What screams streetwear more than mixing a formal navy blue tone with an all eyes on me orange. Either piece is a win/win.



 Puma x Bape FC Jersey

Photo Credit: BAPE

The sports uniform streetwear marriage has been around for a while and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Whether it’s The Hundreds or Bape, the soccer streetwear steez is here to stay. These are just a few of the dope club inspired streetwear jerseys to help you switch things up before your swag becomes too predictable. American football inspired streetwear will always undoubtedly be wavy, but maybe Futbol influenced streetwear is what you need to elevate your game to the next level.




BillySes December 29, 2020

Always been a fan of the Juventus logo jersey but would say the collab I like the best would the The Hundreds x Adidas piece. I was actually at their Fairfax store when they released it. One of the first to step across the aisle for the collab on soccer pieces that I could remember. #Dope

Victor Umeh October 21, 2017

I really think soccer is on it’s way to blow up in the U.S. even with the recent loss. The color combos on the jerseys say so much without over doing it. And I’d take Ronaldo over Messi any day of the week

Elliot Wolf October 19, 2017

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