Boshok X Stronger Together 2021 Lookbook

Dead End, Road Closed, No U-Turn. Where do we go from here? Life will always throw up barricades and roadblocks but that hasn’t stopped us before. We’re navigators when it comes to these new territories and roads less traveled. Although everything seems to be returning to something familiar, the scenery is still looking eerily different in 2021. But we’ve come a long way. A long way because sticking together as a pack always ends better than going at everything that’s against you alone. 

Tolls Ahead

It’s hard to imagine a person being happy over hidden fees, but the road to true freedom requires paying a hefty price hidden in the fine print. It’s not a bill anyone would want to foot alone. We hurt together, we heal together. We go longer together because we are 'Stronger Together'. 


The BOSHOK 2021 Stronger Together Collection follows a similar footprint as the previous collection by including apparel for both Kings and Queens. Contemporary, vibrant, yet still classic, BOSHOK color palettes are incorporated in pieces throughout the collection that create timeless attire. If excellence is a color only those in the know can see, than the 2021 collection has you undoubtedly dipped in drip. From the comfortable fit of the BOSHOK Short Sleeved Hooded Top, to the quality denim encountered when donning the BOSHOK Tribal Jacket, there are plenty of pieces here perfectly tailored for a King or Queen. BOSHOK Originals make a return, like the BOSHOK Lionhead logo featured on a few fits. But don’t think BOSHOK didn’t also bring out the Brand New in 2021. The Tribal Brand logo remix is as unique as the motherland. Strong, subtle, and still making a statement after all this time. 

Final Destination 

The journey isn’t ever really over. The world is always changing, and the goal post always gets that much farther away each time. It’s easy to get comfortable in something you copped from the collection, but those clothes are for the road. A road that you should feel at home at, no matter how far away you are from where you started. When your head gets heavy from the weight of it all, always remember that you’re better because you wear your heart, and your BOSHOK, on your sleeve. Always Peace, Love, and being Stronger Together 2021. 


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This came together PERFECTLY! Love this campaign & the visuals! #BOSHOKLife

Victor Umeh May 21, 2021

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