Martin x Gina, Jordan x Pippen, Peanut Butter x Chocolate. Some things just make more sense together. That’s why BOSHOK is back this summer teaming up with the only collab that makes sense for the season, BOSHOK x YOU. 2020 was a hell of a year but we’re still here. Here for another round of what started as tears and ended with cheers. Who better to celebrate with than your Day Ones that began this journey with you, those that you’ve picked up along the way, and the potential lifetime partners that you’re destined to meet down the road? We’re all in this together, strength through unity. 


The 2021 STRONGER TOGETHER collection is a celebratory nod at everyone that’s had a hand in shaping the BOSHOK community. You’re important no matter what your role was. Even if it was to tell a friend to tell a friend that told another friend about A Tribe Called BOSHOK. The Tribal print patterns paired with the Original BOSHOK Lionhead logo are badges of honor around our way. This collection’s core colors work well with each other the same way us as a community works well together. STRONGER TOGETHER is built on quality concepts, quality craftsmanship and quality results. Don’t get caught on the wrong side of the campaign this summer. As heat creeps the streets it’s not a good look leaving home without your BOSHOK. 


2011 was the year we grew roots. Now, here we are, ten years later and things are beginning to look a lot like a Baobab tree. The tree of life. A tree that learns to adapt and overcome. An entity that understands only having a single root isn’t a smart idea for long term survival. But what’s buried beneath is a strong system working together to keep what’s up top, on top. The STRONGER TOGETHER collection is a thank you to everyone that’s been, currently is, and will be apart of that system. 


Elite. Couldn’t have said better. Boshok is community. Boshok is love. Boshok is us!

Nosa Eguae May 07, 2021

Wow !!! Love it looks so rich and elegant.

Lateefah May 06, 2021

Super dope family! Wishing the brand the best!

Ezedube Eze May 06, 2021

This is Dope bro! Keep up the good work

Karlus Goke May 06, 2021

This is Dope bro! Keep up the good work

Karlus Goke May 06, 2021

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