BOSHOK x Toronto x Pop-Up Shop

After 6 years in the game we finally had the chance to take BOSHOK across the water.  June 17, 2017 was a special moment for me as it marked our 1st ever international pop-up shop as well as my 30th Birthday. It was a reflection moment in my life and in business.  Initially I was a bit worried about how things would play out.  Would people know about us?  Would they support a cultural streetwear brand from the states? A pop-up shop in Canada was unchartered territory for us.  But with the help of the Supafrik team and Brand Ambassadors in the area the pop-up was a huge success. We were able to create a wave, a movement that we could take anywhere and replicate with the correct elements. I learned a lot from us doing this, furthermore I am excited to bring you guys along as we continue to expand our reach and brand outside of the states.  Thank you to all our supporters spreading the wave wherever you are and a special Thank You to everyone in Canada with BOSHOK in their closets.

- Victor



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Thank you to everyone that came out supported and helped make this happen! Meant a lot to cross this off the list of goals for the business on my 30th Birthday!

Victor Umeh June 27, 2017

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