To stay 10 years in the game you need to stay 10 toes down. The real have roots. Who else could keep you this decked out for an entire decade. The Big 10 is Our Win. BOSHOK La Familia. Cheers. If you know, you know. If you don’t know, well … let us explain. 
(BOSHOK Vic featured in BOSHOK 10 Year Hoodie)
ㅤFor some of your favorite brands way back when, the garment graveyard didn’t discriminate. It did its thing, it kept growing. RIP LRG. No disrespect or shots taken at the OGs. It’s even appreciated that they took the time to play necromancer with a recent re-release of an iconic piece from 06. But you never have to call it a comeback if you never went anywhere. Ten in, still Grinding like the Clipse, Platinum on the block with consistent hits, while BOSHOK keep serving this streetwear ish …  
(BOSHOK Vic featured in 10 Year Rugby Shirt)
The brand’s been down longer than you’ve been banging that beat on the lunch table. If you know, you know. 
No thread built by BOSHOK has ever faltered. Sturdy archives. 10 year hoodie lasts longer than twenty, bet on it and double your money. There’s Tees from 2 collections ago that we can guarantee are more reliable than the man next to you. The only time BOSHOK ever folds is to stay ready for next wear in a top drawer somewhere. The brand is solid. The only time we’re ever tellin’ is when it’s time to get your hands on something special. Like right now. One and done. Ten don’t come around again. We broke out the Belaire for this one. Go get your Clase Azul, 1942, or I can’t believe it’s not a Bape camo collab tall boy can of Four Loko. However you celebrate, just celebrate with us. You’re family. Salut to another, ever better, next 10. Thank you, we appreciate every single one of you that has supported the movement, the mentality, and the brand,
Sincerely BOSHOK. 
 (Model Kylie Rain featured in Queens Asymmetrical Button Down)  
(BOSHOK Vic & Kylie Rain featured in Alternative White 10 Year Rugby & Queens 10 Year V-Neck Cropped Polo respectively)  
  (BOSHOK Vic in 10 Year Tee

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