6 Of The Best Streetwear Trends That Came Back Again

It’s 4:00 p.m. June 28th, 1997. Saturdays in summer just don’t feel the same since two of the most iconic innovators in Hip-Hop have passed away. The Fresh Prince’s final season was last May and Mike Tyson is about to eat Evander Holyfield’s ear later that evening in Las Vegas. It’s a wild era. But even wilder is what everyone was wearing at the time. Influences incorporated into fashion came from every angle. America was more than just a melting pot when it came to people, it was a melting pot for streetwear. The culture that was birthed around the late 70s and early 80s was adopting new ideas in the 90s and evolving.

Fast forward to 2017 and streetwear has solidified its spot in mainstream appeal. But when a scene has been around for so long and is loved by so many people there’s bound to be some re-issues, retros, rewinds, and remixes sprinkled along the timeline. Call it double dipping if you like but you still did a double take when you saw the new fit from an already done idea of the past. Sometimes you need to get your rerun on when it comes to an outfit so people don’t forget the level of freshness you bring to the table. We’re taking you back without a time machine to fits that are just as popular now as they have been in the past. 

The Tracksuit

(Adidas Originals Superstar Track Top)

 MY A-DI-DAS! The Adidas tracksuit was the undeniable uniform of cool in the late 80s thanks to RUN-DMC. While there were many other available options for tracksuits that weren’t Adidas like Sergio Tacchini, the easily recognizable three striped brand is what made anyone standout in a room. They also stood the test of time as Adidas has re-released more supply to meet the demand for the attire these past couple years. You really can’t beat a trefoil tracksuit combo. Too comfortable and too easy to throw on. 

 (Rita Ora for Adidas Collaboration Collection)

Tech Wear

 (Generra Hypercolor Tee)

While most people that are familiar with tech wear think of Nike ACG jackets or Uniqlo Heattech t-shirts sometimes tech wear is just for show. Tech wear’s purpose generally falls in one of three categories. To either increase overall functionality, improve aesthetics, or better battle the elements. And since streetwear is all too inviting of new ideas it’s no surprise that tech wear has come back around again. The most recent remix of tech wear done again is Stone Island’s color changing jumper. They’ve basically summoned the ghost of Generra brand’s hypercolor clothing line. Imagine a mood ring in the form of a shirt. 

 (UK Grime artist Dave in a Stone Island Ice Knit Thermo sweater)

Puffer Jackets

 (Fredro Starr in a puffer jacket)

“This feel like when Fredro Starr was in Sunset Park stuntin hard in his yellow goose.” The puffer, down, or bubble jacket has been a staple in streetwear for a while. Even though it’s popularity saw a decline sometime in the late 90s it’s currently being resuscitated and kept alive by brands like Supreme. The annually released North Face x Supreme collab Nuptse jacket is something everyone involved in streetwear outside of California is eager to get their hands on. You know, because winter doesn't really exist on the west coast.

 (Supreme NYC x The North Face Nuptse Jacket Collaboration)

 Oversized Gear

 (Biggie Smalls in Coogi)

Streetwear switched the swag up around the same time the New Boys dropped You’re A Jerk. Skinny jeans and skater attire became the "in-trend." Clothing became more fitted and baggy jeans as well as oversized t-shirts said goodbye. But it’s important to remember that fashion is a boomerang and oversized fitting attire has come back from the dead. It’s more than interesting to see Connor McGregor wear the same Coogi sweater Biggie had on so many years ago. 

 (Conor McGregor in Coogi)


 (Tupac Shakur in Dickies Brand overalls)

Overalls were all the rage in an era where Living Single still was airing new episodes. In addition to a pager and house phone you probably had a pair of overalls somewhere in your closet. If you really had the sauce you were rocking it with only one strap. Thanks to younger artists like SZA and Chris Brown overalls are being kept alive. 2017 brought back the same style with more brand options.


 (Chris Brown in Champion Brand overalls)

Retro Brands

 (Dr. Dre in Guess USA)

Everyone wants to be as cool as yesterday. The past provides the perfect inspirations because many of the fits are classic and timeless. Brands that were fire years ago found ways to rekindle the heat with rereleases. Fubu, Fila, Guess, and Tommy Hilfiger are becoming more relevant everyday. It’s only a matter of time before someone spots a celebrity in a pair of Girbuad jeans. 

 (A$AP Rocky in Guess USA)

Streetwear is on code with behavior belonging to any thriving culture. It focuses on innovation, paying homage, and never forgetting your roots. Don’t be surprised when you see an old fashion formula wearing a new face. It happens more than you think. The scene isn’t going anywhere. It may look different a few years down the line but whatever isn’t "in-trend" will be back again at some point. In my opinion one fit they can keep in the past is anything worn with NikeTalk denim but what do you already own from this list? What is a trend that you wish would come back? 


I’m actually hyped to know brands don’t get dismissed as “played out” and get a new life with a new generation. I never thought I would see Fila being worn again but it’s happening now and it looks great. I can’t wait to see which dope fits are on the fashion forecast in 2018 to be resurrected from the archives.

Elliot Wolf December 21, 2017

My tracksuit game has always been on-point bc I am always rocking sweats for socker and such but the Girbaud jeans coming back would actually bring a smile to my face. :-) Not sure I could handle the baggie oversized shorts at this point though but will see. The bomber look definitely lends itself to that.

BOSHOKVic December 20, 2017

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