Top 5 African Streetwear Influencers of 2021 –Internet Sensation

Even though fashion has gone through many changes throughout the decades, its raw essence remains the same. It is a way of self-expression and a way to gain confidence. Following the latest fashion trends is how we keep ourselves up to date and present ourselves as active members of society. 

One such trend that has been around since the '90s is 'Streetwear’. Currently, it is being heavily promoted as a top trend by various African influencers. This post will highlight the top 5 African Streetwear Influencers across the globe. 

African Streetwear influencers are a huge thing nowadays. These fashion bloggers are not only introducing the world to a different and unique kind of style; they are also blurring the lines for stereotypes attached to African streetwear culture. The chic style of these five internet sensations has a deep meaning hidden behind it. It is a showcase of Africans and their twist on streetwear culture.

Amaa Rae - Ghana:


Amaa is a Ghanaian singer who has been titled a 'Warrior Singer'. Her warrior type street style earned her this title. She has gained a lot of positive attention over the years because of the unique outfits she wears. 

Her signature look is the bold haircut that she keeps dying to unique colors. She pairs bright-colored pajamas with formal odd colored coats on a bold top. Her lipsticks are every color available. 

She isn't afraid to try new things and combinations that some people might find strange and hence has become an internet sensation in a short time. Her looks embody the beauty one would see on the front cover of a high-fashion magazine.

Nana Kwasi Wiafe - Ghana:


Like Amaa, Nana is from Ghana and is a director, stylist, model, and much more. He is a believer in pan-Africanism, and therefore, has established his own company called 'Very Ghanaian,': a travel lifestyle brand.

Nana is also the Creative Director of 'Thouartkwasi,' another styling brand that develops designer looks. His style and the essence of the clothes sold by these brands are all streetwear.

Furthermore, he has worked with Beyonce, Dior, Diesel, Apple, Vogue, and BBC, to list a few. He contributed as a stylist in Beyonce's album 'Black is King', further reflecting his belief in empowering people of color. 

Velma Rosai Makhandia - Kenya:


Velma is from Kenya, an artist and fashion influencer. Her Instagram posts and street style are an artistic portray of modern Africa and her feelings associated with it. Her pictures, including the background she chooses, make it look as if it's one of Picasso's masterpieces. 

Her style consists of vintage maxi dressescrop tops, and trousers, and antique head wear. Her inspiration is her mother's photos from the '60s. She describes her class as a 'rebirth' of her mother's.

Joshua Kissi – USA:


Joshua, a native of Ghana is currently residing in New York, working as an entrepreneur, photographer, and filmmaker. He is the perfect example of streetwear style, and his photos capture the gist of it too. He started a blog in 2008, known as 'Street Etiquette.' At its premise, the blog was about men's style. At the moment, Street Etiquette is working as a creative agency, through which Joshua produces photos and films that reflect his culture and history. 

Kissi has worked with renowned companies like Apple, Adidas, Puma, etc. He is currently working on his most significant venture after Street Etiquette: 'TONL.' TONL is a stock imagery company set to capture all cultures.

Furthermore, Joshua made it into Inc Magazine's '30 under 30' list and to Fast Company's ‘100 Most Creative People’.

Stephen Tayo – Nigerian:


From Nigeria, Stephen is making his mark in the world as a street style influencer and rising internet sensation. His style is not as outgoing as the four others but is a mixture of simplicity and edginess. 

His shoes and sunglasses are a significant part of his look and the items which make a fashion statement. Stephen also carries various graphic printed bags around with him. 

He has been noticed by the New York Times magazine. His style isn't that hard to follow and is reasonably priced.

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