About Us



Culturally inspired streetwear for the conscious mind. That’s the motto, the mantra.

B.O.S.H.O.K - Blood Of Slaves Hearts Of Kings

The name BOSHOK represents struggle and triumph while paying homage to the ancestors before us. Launched in 2011, from the trunk of a car in Tucson, Arizona struggle and triumph plays an infinite role in the Brands own history. BOSHOK was conceptually created during a period of searching for fashionable attire that was reflective of culture, which was non-existing at the time in the streetwear market. That said, the culturally inspired streetwear brand that represents an oppressed culture and adversities dealt, was birthed.

After several months of pushing units from the trunk of the car, BOSHOK’s Owner’s determination and resilience paid off. With a sudden shift in streetwear fashion BOSHOK soon expanded into retail boutiques in Arizona, DC, Maryland, North Carolina, and Virginia. The demand to dress Kings & Queens was rapidly growing across the nation.  Consumers were looking for something different and they found their desired change in BOSHOK.

A new vibrant generation of Kings and Queens saw the power of the message in the clothes and began to exercise their amendment through BOSHOK. With that, the BOSHOKLife was formulated and occupied by passionate individuals who started from the bottom with nothing, while aspiring to make something for themselves. This marked the “official, unofficial” society of social-conscious streetwear enthusiasts who moved with discretion and honor. It wouldn’t be a lifestyle if everyone were living it. Therefore, BOSHOK IS ONLY FOR those who can relate to the story and live by the code.